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“It is good that the designers have incorporated Reminders into AutoExp, for the owner will never forget when he or she should leave the car at a workshop or add some oil and replace plugs on his/her own.”
“This advanced statistical system utilizing graphics and clearly showing the expenditure pattern can help you deal with all types of vehicle-related costs.”
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“One or two months of using AutoExp will give you the detailed expenditure statistics on your car alone or all cars owned by your family or company. The app will fairly calculate the fuel consumption rate and the cost of repairs your iron horse needs.”
“This is a really efficient and user-friendly app featuring properly balanced options. Its advantages include the well-devised interface, statistics, multiple car cost management feature and ease of switching between them.”

About app

Data input and statistics

Instant cost input:
  • Data input at the time of launching
  • Clear selection of categories
  • Large and convenient keyboard
It is really fast!
Clearly arranged statistics
  • Fast access from the home screen<
  • Various timeframes<
  • Several types of graphics to have a clear picture<
Wanna start saving? Start analyzing your costs!

About app

Reminders and navigation between vehicles

Event reminders:
  • Replace tires before it gets cold
  • Extend coverage for another year
  • Inspection after 40,000 km
AutoExp will keep you on schedule!
All your vehicles within one app:
  • Create any number of vehicles
  • Switch between them right on the home screen
  • Compare the expenses of different vehicles
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